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Are you a lonely, single Boomer Gal? Stop wasting time and money on dating sites and getting no responses. Or worse, getting hits from scammers and terrible matches.

Don't join any more online dating sites until you have taken this self-paced course!

Being a lonely, single Boomer Gal Sucks!
This Self-Paced course will help you:
  • Gain confidence and become Savvy, Prepped, Ready and Aware to Put Yourself Out There
  • Attract the best possible matches for you
  • Learn how to sift quickly through the bad matches
  • Stay safe and have fun
  • Post a compelling, authentic profile that works!
  • Save time and money before getting on sites and bombing
  • Find Your Potential Mr. Adorable quicker than you ever thought possible
What's included?
  • Training on the Four Phases of the Finding Mr. Adorable Journey
    • Self-Discovery
    • Release, Visualize and Recharge
    • Put Yourself Out There
    • Dating to Find Mr. Adorable
  • Coaching videos to Build your Confidence and Transform You to a “Ms. Adorable Butterfly” who knows just how to Attract, Engage, and Sort through her prospects
  • Secrets and techniques to help you Visualize and Manifest your Mr. Adorable
  • Online community to ask questions and receive advice during course
  • Templates and worksheets to get you Savvy, Prepped, Ready and Aware
  • Permanent access to all materials and an online support group after you complete the course
  • Discounted private coaching with Deb Dutcher, Dating Coach
Get Savvy, Prepped, Ready and Aware before you Put Yourself Out There!

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My name is Deb Dutcher, and I am 71 years young!

I created this course to help other single, lonely boomer gals find their Mr. Adorable with online dating. I believe it is not too late and you are never too old to find love.

Just because we are over 50, 60, 70 does not mean we are done with living, or with love.

After thirty years of marriage, at 51, I became a divorcee. I was alone for the first time in my life. It was soul-shattering and I got on dating sites just to see if anyone would want me. I had not dated since I was 19. I called it the "Wide World of Men" and it was an eye-opening experience.

Two dating sites, one matchmaking service, twenty-seven first dates, fourteen second dates, three exclusive relationships later, I remarried after being single for three years, at 54. Sadly, it was a difficult marriage, and fourteen years later, I was divorced again.  I wanted companionship, so at 68, I got back out there.
Never just leave it to chance. Make sure you are set up for success.   
Never just leave it to chance. Make sure you are set up for success.  Spend some time to determine what you really want and invest a bit on this course to make sure you are not wasting time on the sites, unprepared, with a marginal profile.

My promise to you is to get you ready to date, and, even looking forward to it! You will be Savvy, Prepped, Ready and Aware so that you are attracting the very best possible matches, and can handle all the crazy stuff that happens with online dating.  Your profile will rock and will draw in your potential Mr. Adorables. 
Yes, It Really Works

Cindy L, 63, Divorced

"I am prepared, empowered, and ready to get back out there."
"I had been sad, lonely, and stuck for years and with Deb’s class (profile & photo prep, support from the other women in our group, etc.) I am now prepared, empowered, and ready to get back out there. I honestly feel what I’ve learned in the class will change my next foray into the online dating scene for the better."
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Dee Dee, 60, Divorced

"Deb's advice and the information she shared really made me feel confident that I will find my Mr. Adorable."
"Deb's course was just what I needed! I had been doing online dating on and off for years and it was Zero fun for me. I didn't have all the tools that I needed to really enjoy the process and truly find what I am looking for.

The information I got from Deb's course was spot on! Her advice and the information she shared really made me feel confident that I will find my Mr. Adorable. Not only does she teach ALL of the ins and outs of Online Dating, she really cares about helping me find the right person. She had me really take a good look at what I wanted and what I absolutely don't want. She helped me to have a Quality Profile on my dating site that stands out and truly reflects who I am.

Finding true love is my goal and with this course, I'm certain I will find my Mr. Adorable.

I can't thank Deb enough, she has been encouraging and truly cares about me and my quest to find true love." 
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Kristen B., 53, Divorced

"It was not only informative, but also full of positive energy, Deb made the process fun."
"I would highly recommend Deb’s course to anyone who is new at online dating. It was not only informative, but also full of positive energy, Deb made the process fun. I especially appreciated the introspective work she suggested, in terms of establishing goals, figuring out what we want and drafting a profile. In addition, the discussion of different dating sites, conversations starters and deeper questions were very helpful. Thank you, Deb for this wonderful opportunity!”
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